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A Well Being


I don't care a jot for 'trends' (particularly those with 'hot / not' & 'up / down' barometers - as though our lives should be lived in servile, panicked, nodding-dog obedience to some editor's arbitrary selection of 'cool'), which is why I've never written a 'wellness trend piece' for Psychologies Magazine. Honestly, the fickleness of this industry... Mindfulness, chakras, meditation, Ayurveda, reiki, yoga, crystal healing - any ancient complex multifarious thing suddenly held up to zeitgeist-driven scrutiny - and declared unfashionable - as though any one of us has the gift of wiping out millennia of deepest-rooted wisdom with the swipe of an i-pen. Or latched onto as a sales tool; a godless gimmick. Trendy, latest, hot, in, it, must-have, to die for... not one of these terms should have a place in our lives. Wellness is about life, and simply, living well. Utterly uncomplicated. Wholly intuitive. With kindness. With reflection. With peace. With contentment. Longevity and energy, silence and light. You go deeper each time, you become more curious, you understand that there are oceans of the unknown in every breath... you become 'heebie jeebie' or 'new age-y' because you're meditating & smudging & grounding... but not at all really - you're the same, just feeling your way, drawn to what you always knew (but probably forgot around aged 8). There's no quest, just breath. No diktat, just rhythm. A well being. Your barometer is the only one you need heed.

Love, Eminé x

Extracted from The Balance Plan; www.balanceplan.co.uk