"Eminé is a rare breed of someone who lives and breathes wellbeing but gets great work done, quick smart with no fuss. Ideas, copywriting, wider brand-related work – I'd recommend her wholeheartedly for it all, she's a pure joy, and an asset." 

Nicola Elliott, Founder & Creative Director, Neom


C O N S U L T A N C Y 

LEAF is a home for creative and conscious consultancy – to offer individuals and brands alike a port in the marketing and media storm, where they can really get to the heart of what it is they want to do, whom they wish to speak to, and how. As Creative Director, I like to work in a hands-on, collaborative way, so offer face-to-face consultancy sessions (full day/ half day / also over Skype) for those who can really benefit from talking things through in greatest depth (and with someone who really 'gets it'). It's amazing how much ground you can cover in a collaborative session and it's a powerful way to brainstorm new ideas, sound out new R&D plans, polish up brand voice and purpose, discuss potential partnerships, suggest future content and also problem-solve when something just isn't clicking. 


L E A F can also work with you to steer and strategise, and turn your unique ideology into a deeply desirable connection with your audience, and your consumers. Rather than unthinking blanket approaches, I offer a bespoke approach to each and every project – connecting with the right editors and influencers, and delivering your unique message with feeling. If you are sent something from L E A F it will arrive in one of our FSC-certified recycled (and beautifully reusable) boxes with eco-stationery and thoughtful  touches – so that the recipient can feel the intention from the first encounter. From start to finish we're fully conscious and selective, and our aim is to build authentic connection – not paid-for placements.

C O M M U N I C A T I O N S  &  P R

LEAF is part of a big tree of powerful connections. Our Comms & Community Directors are Amy Le Roux and Jess de Bene who have 17 years' experience at Estée Lauder Companies. They bring a huge amount of wisdom, ingenuity, warmth and dedicated brilliance to LEAF – in a bid to get the smaller, greener, more ethical brands the big spotlight they deserve. Perhaps because LEAF never intended to become a 'PR agency', our shared approach is rather unusual. We work gently yet effectively, within a deeply-rooted and already-engaged community – to grow a message in a wholly organic, yet engaging and memorable way. Whether that's creating and curating spirit-lifting events for my brand founders at 42 Acres Shoreditch – helping them reach new people and share their wisdom – or introducing our brands to key ethical and natural experts, bloggers, editors and influencers who then go on to share the love organically, the team at LEAF approach every project differently and thoughtfully, with one aim: to get the best natural brands and experts the spotlight they deserve. 

E C O  B E A U T Y 

The future is fully conscious and increasingly green – each one of us has the power to make a difference, based simply upon how we spend our money. With 1 in 4 women now choosing natural skincare products, and 63% of millennials saying that a natural choice is of the utmost importance to them,* it's an exciting time for all natural brands, and L E A F is deeply rooted within this conscious and powerful community. I have worked with holistic beauty brands to bring their products to life with customised facial protocols, at-home rituals, holistic wellness advice and thoughtful product usage suggestions – the message: skin is a sign of all that happens within – and includes not just the mind, spirit and gut, but our emotional environment too.

S T R A T E G Y 

SOCIAL + DIGITAL CONTENT | It is never too late (nor early) to consider your social strategy and create a coherent message and visual 'language' across social media. From planning blogs and brainstorming SM content, to shaping the look and feel of your online offering, these elements are all crucial considerations for brands in the modern marketplace. I offer dedicated guidance on social media and digital output (from newsletters to web content), but in the spirit of
L E A F  I do encourage each brand and founder to create their own content in as transparent and honest a way as possible – because nothing beats truly authentic connection (that's why we're here too).

NATURAL SYNERGY | Creating the right connections and associations is crucial. We are blessed to have supportive industry relatonships already in place, and cross-pollination between the brands we work with is a key part of what we do. So, whether you're looking for the most ethical gifts for the ideal green goody bag, or a year-long collaboration with an influential yoga brand, we can help. We can also work with you to develop imagination-capturing wellness events that really showcase your brand's ethos and founder's wisdom, and help you align yourself with other key brands, events, spas and spaces – to introduce you to an engaged and enthusiastic audience. Never showy, but always on-brand and ideologically-sound, we love connecting great minds who love to give back and do good, together.

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• Sources: Facial Skincare and Anti-Aging US, May 2015; Green Beauty Barometer 2015

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